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Reduction of our footprint, sustainable living, buying less, not wasting materials, I could continue with the necessities of our time. At last it seems to become more popular to use materials we already have. This is the topic of another post.

For me it has always been hard to throw things away that seem to be useful one day. My creativity is huge and over the years I collected quite a lot of materials. Sometimes I have an idea or I am inspired by someone. Recently I did some research in YouTube and Instagram and discovered craftschooloz . Ruth teaches creative workshops.

I was enthusisatic to create a basket from old jeans and baling twine (the blue cord holding haybales), both materials I have hoarded. The only new item needed, a yarn, is certainly on hand in my supplies. I watched the Youtube tutorial on how to make the beginning of the basket and started frankly. It is quite easy to make this coiled basket, BUT:


Is it worth the time? Making a basket which I do not really need just to use up some of my hoarded material? Hmm.

We are not only told to reuse but also that time is money. Could I use my time better? Act in a way that brings me step by step to a brighter future? Only do things that are useful for my personal progress? My inner voice is loud: do not waste your time! I know where it comes from. Education.

But there is another side existing: doing things for satisfaction. To do something for pure joy! Justification enough, isn`t it?


Maybe I make another one today…

Do artists have to be narcissists to be successful?

Artists makes art because they must do it and because they believe in the relevance of it. Well, I admit that artists sometimes question the relevance of their work.

Maybe it`s only my personal impression that many artists have severe narcissistic attributes but this impression is based on observation. A few ways of behaviour they all have in common.

  • They seem to be very sure that they are important – and their work of course.
  • They seek for endless admiration.
  • They use other people for their benefit – accept attention, help and support and don`t give much back because they are convinced that they deserve erverything for only being there, for being themselves.
  • They manipulate others to get what they want.
  • Some artists refuse to do everyday tasks and make persons who love them doing everything they feel themselves too good for.
  • When their work is criticized or only brought into question, they are offended and terminate contact with this person.
  • They lack of empathy and put their needs always first. They only want people around who serve them.
  • To upgrade their own image they must devalue others through criticism, accusation, mobbing and cynicism.

Everyone wants their work to be seen and at least accepted. Each person has narcisstic attributes but where is the border to the negative personality? Maybe the border is located where others are being harmed, the feelings of people are being hurt. Certainly it is where people are exploited and used.

Maybe I don`t know enough artists in person to make a conclusion on this topic, in this post I only write down some thoughts. Do you know artists and do they have questionable personalities or at least attributes?

Last, very personal thought: since childhood I wanted to be an artist, express myself through things I create, but I never wanted to be a narcisstic or egoistic person. I don`t have a career, nor success, I just keep on creating because I have to. Honestly I would love to have success without being a bad person.

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