Too late?
Too late?

Too late?

Maria is very sad. She tells me, she has the feeling always being too late. Too late for the profession. Too late for a own house. Too late for a fulfilled family life. Too late for a relationship. Too late for travelling the world. Too late for having deep friendships (well except ours ;)). Too late for being an artist.

Sounds serious. I try: ” Too late for everything is when you are dead.” Maria says she feels like being dead. Very serious.

Let`s think about what is possible for her to do. We agree that waiting and doing nothing are no option. Action causes change.

Maria can go out regularly. To places she likes, in nature or where people are. Accept being alone and enjoy anyways. Group activities? No! No. Okay, she is not ready for group activities.

She can apply to interesting jobs even if she is sure not to get them. Could be demotivating after a while but still worth trying.

Maria can go on looking for a house for the money she has. If she finds a dreamy house somewhere, she can move there even if it`s far from here. Okay, she doesn`t want to move away from here.

Family life can happen as long as you have family. Sometimes you have to lower expectations very, very low and do the best you can at the moment.

Maria would like to have a realtionship. But after her negative lessons learnt she has difficulties to trust. She is afraid of new trauma.

She loves travelling and wants to see the world. There are times when only small travels or day trips are possible. Acceptance helps.

Maria has always loved to create and she can go on creating. She is an artist regardless whether someone looks at her work or not.

In the end we come back to Victor Frankl who said you can`t change the circumstances, you can only change your response.

Seems to be the best thing to do. It`s never too late for this.